Born in Somerville, New Jersey, David Barese (also known as Kue) exploded on the music scene in 2001 and the club scene quickly took notice to his unique Turntable skills, style and passion for music. The proud son of Italian and Argentinean parents, David Barese is fluent in English, Spanish and Italian. He embodies a sense of culture that enables him to continue to break musical boundaries. While other DJs wonder, contemplate, and fathom on how to revolutionize the way music is heard, David Barese executes. He has been heard on 96.1 KISS FM, a Clear Channel radio station as well as in the most popular night club in a country near you. He has been an interracial part of the production and marketing for major radio, intemet and TV shows including The Jump Off, Full Throttle Radio and Man and Wife TV allowing him to work closely with the two time Grammy Award winner Fatman Scoop. He is also a music producer/remixer and a member of the World Famous Vynil Squad.

David Barese has a college degree in Communications, but his diverse business experience has allowed himself to gain success way beyond the Entertainment world.

From DJing to computer programming, he launched his own software company Mixcity Inc., the makers of the popular DJ software 'Kuelt.' And if that wasn't enough, he is also co-owner of his own Italian restaurant. He seems to find success at what ever he puts his mind to. Overtime, David Barese's well developed rapport has led to him be featured on the same stage with icons such as Big Ali, Fatman Scoop, Rob Base, G-Unit, Ne-yo, Ryan Leslie and many more. Aside from spinning in major nightclubs every week in the New York Tri-State Area, David Barese has performed in world renown cities such as Dubai, Paris, Marrakech, Miami, Alecante, and many more. His discography also entails a year long running radio show called 'La Hora del Fuego' on FG Radio in France, and 'The Friday Night Street Party' on KISS FM radio for over a decade.

The world can only anticipate, what's next for the already successful and extremely talented... David Barese. BOOK DAVID BARESE

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